Feasibility study

  • The analysis and choice of technology
  • Consideration of different variants for sites for construction of the facility
  • Calculation of capital and operating expenditures
  • Future cash-flow analysis
  • Calculation of basic technical and economic indicators, indicators of investment attractiveness of the project
  • Environmental aspects of the project implementation
  • Project risks and measures to prevent them

Result: Business plan (feasibility study)

The decision on
to create

Approval of the
planned location for
construction of
the objects

In the department of urban planning and architecture, municipal property and land relations:

  • apply for the selection of a land plot and preliminary location of the object with the documents describing the object - its features and layout
  • consideration of the application by the architecture and planning commission on the results of the urban analysis of preliminary design of the object, and receiving a decision about its location
  • informing the public about the provision of the land plot, holding public hearings (the architectural and planning commission) to allocate the land in accordance with the requirements of environmental, historical and architectural regulations
  • drawing up and approval of the planned land borders and obtaining an approved act of choice in the department of urban planning (permission to perform design and survey work)
  • preparation of a topographic plan, formation of a land allocation file, surveying the land
  • development of EIA
  • statement on the cadastre
  • getting the solution to provide the land for construction
  • determination of the rent and damages to seize the land
  • preparing and signing the land lease contract

In the state land cadastre and other sources:

  • categories of land
  • easements (restrictions, joint rights)
  • encumbrances
  • permitted use
  • collection of preliminary conditions for connecting the object to networks
  • development of preliminary design of the object

Registration of the lease contract in the Chamber on the state registration of real estate and transactions with it.

Result: Getting permission to place the object


Collection of permitting documents and initial data for design:

  • getting technical conditions for connection to external networks (water supply, sewage, electricity and heating supply, etc.
  • an instrumental studies of the land plot (background pollution of earth, air)
  • development of technical requirements for the object by agreement with an investor;(if necessary adjust the cadastral plan and a plan of the site development, design engineering schemes in relation to the object of construction, choice of options of landscaping, etc. in consultation with the local government bodies and regulatory authorities)

Development of technical specifications for the design:

  • conditions for the construction, selection of start-up phases
  • sources of funding
  • the need for optional study of design decisions
  • technological solutions, general layout, landscaping
  • additional terms and conditions (requirements of Defense and Emergency)
  • technical and economic parameters of the project
  • expected timing of the construction
  • approval of the Technical Specifications with the design organization and regulatory bodies (Rostekhnadzor, bodies of executive power - if necessary)
  • obtaining an architectural plan of the land plot, approved by the corresponding decree of the city administration

Result: Technical specifications for the design.

and implementing
the design work

  • Choosing a contractor for the design of the object
  • Preparation of a program and a tasks to conduct engineering surveys in consultation with the general designer:
    • topographic-geodesic
    • engineering-geological
    • hydrometeorological
    • engineering-environmental

Result: The program and the task on conducting engineering surveys.

Consideration of
the project by
the state authorities

The state expertise of the project

  • Support, updating the project documentation

Result: Obtaining a positive conclusion of the state expertise

Development of
working documentation

Submission of the documentation
to the Department
of Urban Development

Selecting a general
contractor and
subcontractors for the
construction of the object

Organizing and control over
the construction of the object
in accordance with the design
and working documents,
the requirements of technical regulations.
Financial control.

  • Organization of installation and commissioning works, including the installation of technological equipment
  • Technical inspection over the course of construction, control of quality of building materials and equipment
  • Organization of supervision
  • Monitoring of installation organizations on compliance with safety regulations and fire safety
  • Monitoring the implementation of construction works in terms specified in the project of construction
  • Joint work with the State Architectural and Construction Supervision (GASN) to monitor the progress of construction
  • Acceptance of work performed by contractors, including acceptance of hidden works with registration of the relevant acts
  • Checking volume of work actually performed in order to avoid overpayment
  • Verification and forming a set of executive documents
  • Financial control over target use of Investor's funds
  • Preparation of monthly progress reports and financial statements

Result: The object is ready for commissioning

of the object

  • performance of instrumental research of the object of construction for compliance with lighting, noise, gas pollution, background contamination
  • analyzes of water samples for compliance with Sanitary Regulations and Standards
  • obtaining conclusions on compliance of power supply, water and sewerage network with the Technical Specifications
  • conducting executive survey
  • preparation of a technical passport of the object
  • assignment of a mail address to the object
  • preparation and signing of the act of acceptance of the completed object
  • obtaining a conclusion from GASN on compliance of the completed project with the design documentation and the requirements of technical regulations
  • obtaining a permit for the object to operate
  • registering of the object in the Registration Chamber

Result: The object is commissioned

Effectively operating object

and service

Monitoring of the project's and changes' efficiency