Technical audit

  • analysis of technical state of buildings and structures, main and auxiliary technological equipment;
  • analysis of conclusions of supervising bodies and expertise, admissions of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision);
  • analysis and evaluation of acts of commissioning, passports, registers, licenses, etc.;
  • analysis of the technology used.

Juridical audit

  • analysis of legal documents on the property complex;
  • assessment of conformity to procedure of state registration of real estate;
  • analysis of compliance with the antimonopoly legislation;
  • analysis of compliance with legislation in transactions with property;
  • analysis of compliance with land legislation, etc.;
  • analysis of compliance with labor legislation;
  • analysis of compliance with the rules of keeping documents of the Company.

Financial and economic activities audit

  • financial and fiscal accounting and budgeting status expertise
  • fullness, validity, timeliness assessment
  • assessment of accounting automation status and possible risks of charging additional taxes, fines, penalties
  • diagnostic of organizational and functional management structures
  • business-processes efficiency appraisal
  • suppliers/costumers assessment

Property complex inventory

  • preparation of the intermediate accounting;
  • determination of a list of structural units for the inventory by storing places;
  • preparation of Stock for the inventory (according to the instructional guidelines on inventory of property and financial liabilities, approved by the Order of Ministry of Finance of Russia from 13.06.1995 #49;
  • the inventory.

of the current state

Deciding whether
it is expedient
to buy/sell or not

Develop an optimal
financial and legal
scheme of
the transaction

of a new

The requirements of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" № 208

Carry out the transfer
of the register of
shareholders to an
independent registrar

Prepare and sign
a purchase agreement
and an acceptance
act of the asset