The complex development project of the iron ore of Kuraginsky district of Krasnoyarsk region on the base of OJSC “Krasnokamensk mine”

OJSC «Krasnokamensk mine» is a city-forming enterprise of the village. Krasnokamensk, producing iron ore concentrate. In 2008, the mine was stopped and sent to the reorganization of the new owner. Mine has generated losses and there was an urgent need to make decisions about the fate of the asset.

Operator of the development of OJSC «Krasnokamensk mine” was LLC “ARCO».

Complex project included several stages:

  1. An elaboration of the concept of development of OJSC «Krasnokamensk mine». Feasibility study of the project.
  2. A launch of the mine. The company has reached the volumes of production of 300 thousand tons of ore per year.
  3. Financial audit.
  4. Involvement of new deposits in resource base of OJSC «Krasnokamensk mine».
  5. The development of the design documentation on modernization of the mine and an output on a new quality of ores with the content of 60-62% of iron.
  6. The development of the complex project and use of the produced iron ore concentrate for the production of metalized pellets and further production of them Sorel metal on the basis of OJSC “Chemical-metallurgical plant” in Krasnoyarsk, in partnership with the Dutch company Hencon.

According to the results of the prepared materials on the complex development of “Krasnokamensk mine», the owner decided to find a partner for financing and joint implementation of the project.
Searching of partners, organized by our company, revealed a number of investors interested in full implementation of this project.

According to the results of the tender the asset was sold. The new owner is realizing the program of development of the asset.