The concept of creation and development of an Industrial Park on the territory of Municipality Divnogorsk

The government of the Krasnoyarsk region supported the initiative administration of Divnogorsk city on the implementation of the project of the industrial Park on the territory of the municipality with the purpose of formation the effective mechanisms to meet the demand of investors on a platform prepared for a placement of industry objects, logistics and service, providing an employment of mono-industry territory.


In the terms of the work on the creation of the Industrial Park was done:
1. The expediency of creation of Industrial Park was substantiated (Feasibility Study of create Industrial Park)

2. Set options for attraction of residents:
a. Options for the entry of residents of the industrial Park are proposed;
b. A program of residents’ attraction was developed;
c. It was justified the form of participation of provincial and Federal authorities;
d. Qualitatively and quantitatively sizes of providing state support and the need to provide tax preferences were estimated.

3. Physical parameters of the Industrial Park were defined:
a. It was conducted a binding of the project of the industrial Park of using existing production sites ( including explored the issue of the mechanism of redemption ) and the construction of new buildings;
b. Engineering survey and investigations were conducted;
c. Preliminary specifications and elaborated options for providing, in appropriate amounts, basic resources (electricity, water, heat, sewerage);
d. Capital costs for the construction and engineering networks (reconstruction of existing and construction of new ones) were defined;
e. The steps in creating of the Industrial Park were identified.

4. Determination of specialization of the Industrial Park.
5. Defined competitive advantages of the Industrial Park.

6. Developed the architectural concept, and the corporate style of the Industrial Park.
7. Presentation materials (video, presentation, brochure) were prepared.